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Welcome to Schoengold Dental Professionals in White Plains, NY, where we are your go-to experts for top-notch dental implants White Plains, NY. We understand that dental emergencies can catch you off guard, and when it comes to dental implants, timely and expert care is non-negotiable. Our highly experienced team specializes in dental implants, serving not only White Plains but also the surrounding areas. In this exclusive article, we will delve into critical scenarios where immediate dental care linked to dental implants becomes an absolute necessity. Our focus is to safeguard the health and radiance of your smile.

Implant Complications

In rare cases, complications related to dental implants may surface, including issues like infection, implant anomalies, or discomfort. Should you experience persistent pain, swelling, or notice unusual changes around your dental implant site, it is imperative to seek swift and professional treatment. Dr. Jeff Schoengold, DDS, our esteemed dentist White Plains, NY, brings to the table an extensive wealth of experience in promptly and effectively addressing implant-related predicaments. Rest assured, your dental implants’ longevity and success are in capable hands.

Denture Implant Emergencies

For individuals with implant-supported dentures, any challenges linked to the stability or functionality of these dentures call for immediate attention. If your denture implants White Plains, NY, exhibit signs of becoming loose, damaged, or uncomfortable, we encourage you to reach out to our clinic without delay. Our proficient team will carefully assess the situation and provide timely adjustments or repairs, ultimately restoring the comfort and functionality of your implant-supported dentures.

Dental Implant Restorations Requiring Urgent Dental White Plains

In the event that a dental implant restoration, such as a crown or bridge, sustains damage or becomes dislodged, it is of utmost importance to address the issue promptly. Our team is well-equipped to handle instances necessitating immediate attention to dental implant restorations in White Plains, NY, ensuring the stability and proper function of your implant. Remember that delaying treatment can potentially lead to further complications, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at the earliest signs of any restoration-related concerns.

Accidents and Trauma

Accidents or trauma to the mouth can result in damage to dental implants, whether it’s a sports-related injury, a fall, or any other form of oral trauma. In such scenarios, seeking immediate attention for your dental implant is critical. Dr. Jeff Schoengold and our team of dental professionals in White Plains, NY, are well-prepared to assess the extent of the damage and deliver prompt, expert care to minimize any adverse effects on your implant.


At Schoengold Dental Professionals, we stand as your trusted partner for all your dental implant needs in White Plains, NY, including urgent dental care situations. Whether you find yourself grappling with implant complications, facing challenges with denture implants White Plains NY, or requiring immediate dental implant White Plains, NY restoration due to damage, our dedicated team is committed to providing swift and efficient care. Your smile’s health and functionality are our top priorities, so reach out to us for urgent dental implant care in White Plains, NY. Experience the peace of mind that comes with expert care precisely when you need it the most.
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